Bowers & Wilkins MT-50 5.1 Speaker Package

B&W MT50 Black
  • B&W MT50 Black
  • B&W MT50 5.1 Speaker System Black
  • B&W MT50 5.1 Speaker System White
  • B&W MT50 Speaker Cube
  • B&W MT50 Subwoofer


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Bowers & Wilkins MT-50 5.1 Speaker Package
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B&W MT-50 Mini Theatre 5.1 Speaker Package

B&W have enjoyed huge success over the last few years with their MT-25 mini theatre speaker system so the arrival of the new MT-50 has been eagerly anticipated and with good reason - the new MT-50 sounds better than ever..

All Round Performance

The MT-50 Mini Theatre isn’t just an upgrade to the previous series – it’s a completely new system. Every technological component has been designed and built in-house, from the ground up. Inside each Mini Theatre speaker you’ll find new technologies never before seen in previous models – some adapted from pioneering speakers such as the Nautilus, and others custom-made especially for this range.

The MT-50 twins five M-1 speakers with the diminutive but very punchy ASW608 subwoofer to create immersive surround sound that will keep you gripped, right up until the final frame.

Compact Power

Don’t let appearances deceive you. the ASW608 may look neat and unassuming, but it packs an acoustic punch that’s more than a match for some of its bulkier, more ungainly rivals, thanks in part to its 200W ICEpower amplifier. Perfect for a big sound in smaller spaces. Now available in either Matte Black or a Matte White, to match the M-1 speakers.

Sum of its parts

From the inside out, the M-1 was conceived as a unified system. Its design has evolved in a totally integrated way, from the custom-made crossover to the two-piece clamshell cabinet. Now, following a complete technological overhaul, including all-new drive units designed in-house, it sounds better than ever. Dispersion has increased. Imaging is pin-point accurate. Performance is now full range.

Limitless Versatility

The M-1’s versatility allows it to adapt perfectly to any home environment, no matter how awkward the space. You can put an M-1 on a bookshelf. Or mount it on a wall. Or position it on its own floor-length stand. It can swivel to a horizontal position, for when you want to use one as a centre-channel speaker. You can even take your pick of a choice of Matte Black or Matte White finishes.

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