REL Acoustics T-9 Active Subwoofer


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Introducing the REL T-9 Sub-Bass System

The T-9 was developed and designed to bring true REL sub-bass performance to audiophiles on a budget without sacrificing any of the traditional REL Sub-Bass System strengths. You'll find the same cabinetry design and build techniques, quality of parts, unique connectivity and the stunning slam and depth found on even the most costly REL models.

The REL T-9 sits at the top of the Serie T range in both price and performance point. Bettering the T-7 by virtue of the use of a 10" active drive unit and a more powerful 300 - watt power amplifier, it is more a appropriate choice for the largest of rooms, home cinema systems and best mated with larger speakers.

The T-9 is capable of incredible slam and depth due to the exceptional strength and bracing incorporated in the enclosure. It really does re-define what can be achieved with a subwoofer of this size.