Chord Leyline Speaker Cable

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Chord Leyline speaker cable has been designed to offer good quality signal transmission over extremely long runs.  This makes Leyline ideal for use in multi-room installations and home cinema systems using discreet speakers.  Leyline will carry an audio signal over lengths of 50 plus metres with minimal signal loss. 

To achieve this performance the oxygen free copper multi-strand conductors have been tin-plated.  This technique was chosen after experimentation showed that tin-plated conductors helped to minimize signal loss.  The conductors are arranged in a twisted pair configuration and insulated with polyethylene.  They are surrounded with a strong, high density PVC jacket that makes the cable easy to install and protects the conductors. 

Although Leyline is most commonly used to carry signals from a central amplifier in multi-room installations, it is also becoming an increasingly popular choice for use in compact hi-fi and home cinema systems.  Its high performance will help to produce excellent sound quality from even the smallest speakers and its discreet size and colour make it inconspicuous and simple to install

Price excludes termination / banana plugs

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