Chord ClearwayX Speaker Cable


Chord ClearwayX Speaker Cable

Delivering performance at a good price. Chord Company ClearwayX speaker cable has won WHAT HIFI? Best Speaker Cable award 2015, 2016 and 2017.  It uses a clever combination of materials to produce a speaker cable with a performance level that usually costs a lot more!

The ClearwayX uses 14 AWG multi-strand oxygen free copper conductors – big enough to bring control and definition to both book shelf and floor standing loud speakers.

The performance has recently been significantly improved by changing the insulation from FEP to XLPE. Hence the new name. Choice of insulation has a profound effect on a speaker cable and contributes to its neutrality. The wrong choice of insulation can produce unwanted tonal colouration.

The conductors are arranged in a twisted pair configuration before a soft PVC internal jacket is applied, this helps to minimise mechanical noise and also spaces the twin contra-wound foil shields in relation to the conductors.

Shielding a speaker cable brings subtle nuances that make music come alive. ClearwayX can transform the performance of your system particularly when it comes to coherence and timing.  It will let you further into your favourite music.

Price excludes termination / banana plugs


2 x 15 AWG multi-stranded oxygen free copper.


Twisted pair configuration.


Polyethylene (zero halogen). Red is positive, black is negative. Conductors surrounded by PVC to minimise mechanical noise.


Dual layer overlapped foil.


10mm. COLOUR: Translucent blue.


Best Speaker Cable WHAT HIFI Awards 2008 & 2009. The shielding dramatically improves performance of all hi-fi and home cinema systems.

Conductor: High Purity OFC

Insulation: FEP

Configuration: Twisted pair

Shielding: Dual high density foil

AWG: 14

mm2: 2.08

Overall dia: 10.5mm

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