Chord Clearway Speaker Cable

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Chord Clearway Speaker Cable

Clearway from Chord is an award winning speaker cable that has been designed to produce the most transparent sound possible, so that you can enjoy listening to your music exactly as the producer intended.

Conductor insulation can cause colouration of the audio signal, by FEP on Clearway Chord have produced a cable with very little colouration, whilst the dual layer shielding offers a high degree of protection from interference. Clearway carries signals extremely accurately and will work well over long runs.

Suitable for high quality Hi-Fi and Home Cinema systems.

Price excludes termination / banana plugs


2 x 15 AWG multi-stranded oxygen free copper.


Twisted pair configuration.


Polyethylene (zero halogen). Red is positive, black is negative. Conductors surrounded by PVC to minimise mechanical noise.


Dual layer overlapped foil.


10mm. COLOUR: Translucent blue.


Best Speaker Cable WHAT HIFI Awards 2008 & 2009. The shielding dramatically improves performance of all hi-fi and home cinema systems.

Conductor: High Purity OFC

Insulation: FEP

Configuration: Twisted pair

Shielding: Dual high density foil

AWG: 14

mm2: 2.08

Overall dia: 10.5mm

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