Chord Rumour 2 Speaker Cable

Rumour 2
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Improved dynamics, better detail levels, exceptional tonal neutrality, just some of the benefits that silver-plated conductors can bring. To make silver cables work at their best however, we believe it is critical to combine them with Teflon insulation. Our experiments show that cheaper insulation materials often introduce unwanted colouration and can make a system sound bright and bass heavy.

Chord Rumour is the first speaker cable in the Chord range to use this combination of silver-plated conductors and Teflon insulation. It was also the first speaker cable that we produced using twisted conductor configuration. We experimented with several cable geometries before settling on the twisted pair configuration that we have used ever since. Following repeated listening tests, we felt this configuration offered some genuine advantages over the more commonly used heavy gauge parallel pair designs that were commonly used at the time.

Rumour has influenced every other Chord speaker cable produced since and such is the performance of Rumour, its design has remained unchanged since its introduction.

Each conductor is made up of 19 strands of silver-plated oxygen free copper. These are insulated by Teflon and surrounded with an outer jacket of silicone. Silicone was chosen as an outer jacket partly for its flexibility and partly for its excellent mechanical damping characteristics.

Rumour is a remarkably compatible speaker cable and can be used in a wide range of amplifiers and speakers, from mini systems right up to large floor standing speakers. Rumour will produce excellent definition throughout the frequency range, outstanding dynamics and once run in, an outstandingly neutral tonal quality. This level of performance comes from a cable with a diameter of only 5 mm, making Rumour the ideal choice for extracting genuine performance from what in hi-fi terms is a near invisible cable.

Price excludes termination / banana plugs


2 x 16 AWG multi-stranded silver-plated oxygen free copper.


Twisted pair configuration.


Teflon®. We believe that to obtain the most neutral tonal characteristic from silver-plated conductors it is vital to use Teflon® insulation. White with red stripe is positive; white with black stripe is negative. Conductors surrounded by silicone to minimise mechanical noise.


Silicone. DIAMETER: 6mm. COLOUR: White.


A very clean and neutral sounding cable that helps to produce a deep and controlled bass. Rumour works well with all levels of equipment. Its discreet size makes it an excellent high performance cable for systems where the speaker cable must be hidden

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