Devialet Classic Phantom Wireless Speaker

Classic Phantom

Devialet Classic Phantom Wireless Music System

Forget what you think you know. Unlike any wireless speakers that have gone before, Phantom Premier's revolutionary technologies fuse together to deliver an intense emotional listening experience. One you can literally feel in your bones.

Classic Phantom produces 2000w peak power from it's unique ADH® amplification playing loud and clear all the way up to a maximum SPL of 103 dB at 1 meter. Simply plug, play and unleash the physical impact of a high-end ultra-dense sound with power, clarity and precision like nothing you've ever encountered. 

Unreasonable To The Core

Experience the full immensity of tracks you’ve already heard a thousand times over. From sub-bass to ultra-sharp treble, explore your music’s full potential. With zero distortion, zero saturation, zero background noise.

Inside The Revolution

Phantom Premier embodies the vision that Devialet are constantly working towards: bringing the emotion of high-fidelity sound to as many listeners as possible. By combining a series of radical patented inventions, Phantom Premier consistently shatters expectations at every step of the sound reproduction chain. With performance 10 to 1000 times superior to anything previously measured, sound will never be the same. Game changed.

ADH® Analog Digital Hybrid

A Devialet patented technology, ADH® or Analog Digital Hybrid delivers all the sophistication of analog amplification together with all the power and compactness of digital amplification. The best of both worlds. For amplification of unparalleled clarity and transparency. At every turn. Revolutionary, in a word

HBI® Heart Bass Implosion

To build the ultimate audio experience capable of revealing the full impact of music Devialet’s engineering team invented a revolutionary new technology: Heart Bass Implosion or HBI®. Phantom’s structure is built around two subwoofers that work in tandem. Under extreme pressure and compactness. Consistently outperforming other loudspeakers in terms of power and physical volume, Phantom’s woofers undergo extreme vacuum conditions. Symmetrically engineered to avoid mechanical vibrations, each woofer is capable of shifting a total mass of 30kg. Working alongside SAM® and ADH®, HBI® acoustic architecture enables Phantom to reach the most extreme low-end frequencies ever achieved. Right on down to 14Hz. Experience Phantom to really feel your music. 

Anatomically unique

108 patents. 12 kilos of high technology. 60 kilos of thrust force behind the lateral woofers. 174dB of internal acoustic pressure.  It took over 80 specialists in aerodynamics, acoustics and mechanics to perfect a system capable of sustaining these extreme physical conditions. 10 years of research and development and 25 million euros went into engineering the best sound in the world.

Versatile Playback & Connectivity

There’s more than one way to enjoy to your music. Phantom Premier wireless speakers let you access all your favourite artists, locally or via online music streaming services (such as Deezer, Spotify, Qobuz and TIDAL) as well as internet radio and podcasts.

With Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, AirPlay, Spotify Connect, UPnP and an Optical input Phantom Premier wireless speakers offer amazing versatility.

Devialet Classic Phantom Wireless Speaker System


  • 2000w peak power output
  • 103dB SPL at 1 meter
  • ADH® Analogue Digital Hybrid amplification
  • SAM® Speaker Active Matching
  • Twin aluminium bass drivers
  • Aluminium mid-range driver
  • Aluminium tweeter
  • Bluetooth A2D & AVRCP, aptX, AAC & SBC audio codecs
  • Spotify Connect
  • Optical input
  • AirPlay


Devialet Classic Phantom


Aluminium Tweeter driver
Aluminium Medium driver
Aluminium Bass drivers

Digital to Analog Converter

Devialet DAC embedded in ADH2® intelligence


THD: -112dB


ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore 800MHz dual-core processor | hard IP | FPGA in a unique System-On-Chip (SoC) Cyclone V 512MB DDR3 memory


Body: white RAL 9016

Polished stainless steel sides

White RAL 9016 dome drivers


Width : 253 mm x Height : 255 mm x Depth : 343 mm


11,4 kg

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