KitSound PocketBoom Ultra Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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Introducing The KitSound PocketBoom

KitSound are firm believers in the fact that just because you're reducing the size of a speaker, you shouldn't have to compromise on sound, which is why the PocketBoom Bluetooth, wireless speaker comes with built-in bass boost to provide deep, rich tones and showcase your music.

Surprising Sound Quality

The PocketBoom speaker delivers surprising sound quality with an efficient amplifier that powers a high fidelity miniature driver which is given a boost of bass by a passive radiator on the bottom. It will also create an even bigger sound when placed on a resonant surface (like a desk) by transferring some of the sound to the surface.

No Plugs, No Wires, No Mess

Although it is possible to connect with a wire, the PocketBoom allows you to stream music from your Bluetooth-enabled device wirelessly, so you no longer have to put up with unsightly plugs and cables that make the place look untidy. (Now it's just the rest of the cleaning and tidying to worry about.)

Rechargeable Battery So You Always Have Music

Not only does the PocketBoom's battery give up to three hours of playback time, but it's rechargeable too, meaning you never have to be without music again.

Call Handling

The perfect, all-round mini speaker, you can also take calls with the PocketBoom. By pressing the 'Hands-Free' button, your music will stop, allowing you to answer an incoming call and you simply press it again to hang up. The clever part is that your music will resume from when you left it.

Bluetooth: v2.1

Output: 1 W + Passive radiator

SNR: 75dB

Frequency response: 100 Hz - 15 kHz

Aux-in: 3.5 mm

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