Libratone Zipp AirPlay Portable Wireless Speaker

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Libratone Zipp Collection

Libratone's Zipp AirPlay speaker for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Mac/PC and Android devices offers absolute audio freedom wrapped in fine changeable Italian wool. Move Libratone Zipp around your house, use it at work, or share your music outdoors.

Share your music anywhere, anytime with Libratone Zipp

The Zipp is an easy-to-use, wireless sound system wrapped in changeable Italian wool covers. The minimalistic speaker provides up to eight hours of battery time and the patented FullRoom™ technology creates a 360° sound experience.

Libratone Zipp is available in three collections, Soul which includes pepper black, salty grey and raspberry red covers,  Funky which includes pepper black, passion pink and pineapple yellow and the Classic which comes with pepper black, petrol blue and raspberry red.

Patented FULLROOM™ Acoustic Principles

Libratone Zipp works like an acoustic instrument filling the entire room with sound. The tweeters and midrange drivers disperse sound in different directions, reflecting it off the walls and providing 360° sound. We call it FullRoom™ sound and yes, it's patented.

HI-FI Audio Quality

High-end components such as ribbon-based tweeters, digital signal processing and digital amplification provide premium sound. Apple Lossless technology ensures a perfect transfer from a music source to the Libratone Zipp

AirPlay - Cutting The Strings

AirPlay connection gives you the freedom to move about as you please with your entire music library in the palm of your hand. Stream audio wirelessly and effortlessly from iOS devices and Mac/PC.

Ease Of Use

Connected to a Wi-Fi network or not, Libratone Zipp is immediately ready to deliver a high-quality audio experience, anytime, anywhere thanks to the built-in battery, PlayDirect and AirPlay technology. Just remember to turn on your Libratone Zipp before you start streaming.

PlayDirect™ No Wires, No Worries

PlayDirect is wireless sound straight out of the box. Just press Play on your iDevice or computer to start streaming your music. PlayDirect needs no Wi-Fi network or prior setup. Setting your music free has never been easier.

Solid Wireless Range

Play your music wirelessly everywhere. Simply ensure your music source has a functioning Wi-Fi-network and is within reach of your speaker. Apple Lossless technology ensures a faultless transfer of sound via AirPlay or PlayDirect.

Made For Apple™ But Works With PC As Well

Libratone Zipp is designed to enhance the experience of Apple products. It works with iPad, iPhone and iPod touch but, as long as you have iTunes 10.1 or above, you are good to go, no matter if it's on a Mac or your PC.

Multi-Room Streaming

Stream simultaneously to multiple Libratone speakers to fill your house with sound. Control everything in iTunes on your computer.

No Remotes Necessary

With Libratone Live you won't have any extra remotes lying around. Everything is controlled from the device you use.

· One Zipp speaker and two extra zip-on covers.

· Wireless sound without any setup hassles

· PlayDirect™ eliminates need for a Wi-Fi access point

· Wool cover you can change in less than a minute

· FullRoom technology for a 360° sound experience

· Built-in rechargeable battery for playing anywhere

The Nitty-Gritty

Ok, enough small talk. It's fact time. Libratone products are the result of world-class engineering and audio design. the technology is patent-pending, and the components high-end. Libratone have wrapped their minds around every little detail they could think of. Now it's your turn.


PlayDirect™ technology is AirPlay on-the-go! Works with iPad (4th and 3rd generation), iPad 2, iPad, iPad mini, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod touch (5th, 4th and 3rd generations) with iOS 4.3.3 and iTunes 10.2.2 (Mac and PC) or later.


The rechargeable battery in Libratone Zipp gives you complete audio freedom. The speaker plays up to 8 hours wired or up to 4 hours wirelessly per charge.


Wireless active speaker with built-in Digital Signal Processing and Digital Amplification. Implements Libratone patent pending FullRoom™ acoustic technology for exceptional sound performance.


Works with iPad (4th and 3rd generation), iPad 2, iPad, iPad mini, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod touch (5th, 4th and 3rd generations) with iOS 4.3.3 and iTunes 10.2.2 (Mac and PC) or later.


AirPlay, PlayDirect, USB audio (iPod, iPhone and iPad) and 3.5 mm audio minijack for analog sound.


60W total. Full Digital Amplification 2.1 Stereo system with FullRoom DSP optimization.

Drive Units

1 x 4" bass and 2 x 1" ribbon based tweeters.

Acoustic Performance

Frequency range: 60-20.000 Hz.
Max. output: 96 dB SPL/ 1m.


Libratone Zipp is made of exclusive materials including a leather handle and handpicked wool from Italy.


H: 26.0 cm. Ø: 12.2 cm.
H: 10.2 inch. Ø: 4.8 inch.
Weight 1,8 kg. / 4 pounds.


110-230 Volt AC, 50/60Hz. Power consumption 40 W external charger. Energy saving standby power consumption of less than 1 W.

In The Box

Libratone Zipp speaker, Power adapter, User Manual and Quick Start Guide. Optional extra wool covers on selected models.

"It's the sound quality, however, that really steals the show. Open and clear in the treble, the Libratone Zipp instantly makes us sit up and take notice."
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