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Monitor Audio SB2 LCR 5.1 Speaker Package

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Monitor Audio SB2 5.1 Package

The SB2 from Monitor Audio has been designed to offer the convenience of a typical soundbar – easy installation, less clutter and discrete appearance whilst still giving customers the performance and flexibility of a complete AV system.

This particular package includes the impressive Radius 380 active subwoofer and a pair of the ultra compact Radius 45 speaker cubes for use as the rear surround sound channels - simply add a suitable 5.1 AV receiver and you can enjoy high performance surround sound without filling your room with the usual assortment of speakers and clutter.

* Please note that the Monitor Audio SB2 is a passive speaker so requires a separate surround sound AV receiver to power it - click here to browse our range of AV receivers.

To find out more or to hear the SB2 in action please visit our Weybridge showroom.

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