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Orbitsound T12v3 Soundbar

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Incredible sounding TV, music and movies 

Orbitsound's new T12v3 sound bar redefines the way you hear music or films at home, delivering an incredible spatial, cinematic sound from your iPod, iPhone or TV. Whether you demand surround sound excellence from a home theatre in the lounge or the best iPod or iPhone dock on the market, the latest T12v3 soundbar delivers audiophile-quality sound without the need for multiple speakers, masses of ugly wiring and complicated set-ups.

Revolutionary spatial stereo technology

Orbitsound's revolutionary 'spatial stereo' technology sets the T12v3 soundbar apart from the competition, delivering true stereo sound from a single unit. The T12v3 effectively reproduces the original audio recording, whether it be an acoustic live performance, a TV play or a movie. This eliminates the hi-fi purists' notion of a 'sweet spot' meaning that it no longer matters where you happen to be located in the room. The sound is incredible everywhere.

A smoother, tighter bass response

Our latest subwoofer allows for a smoother, tighter bass response, allowing the T12v3 to perform in any size of room without any compromise in audio quality. Additionally, the main speaker drives includes the highest quality components, producing a rigid, balanced and clean sound stage and a noticeably more powerful sound. Audiophiles, home cinema fans and hi-fi purists are amazed by the advantages our patented tech offers over conventional sound systems, iPod docks and home theatre systems.

A British design classic

Orbitsound's T12v3 is a British design classic. An elegant, high-gloss unit which sits almost unnoticed in front of your TV, instantly creating a great-sounding, aesthetically-pleasing home theatre system or iPod or iPhone dock for almost any room in the house. A metal speaker grill offers a high-end finish that also ensures the sound is more acoustically transparent. The T12v3 is also amazingly simple to install. No multiple speakers. No messy wires.

Orbitsound: replicating the 'perfect' sound

“In essence, Orbitsound is reinventing the wheel with the latest T12v3," says Orbitsound founder and world-renowned audio electronics designer, Ted Fletcher. "The sense of depth and space experienced with our technology is simply not possible to achieve when listening to a traditional ‘left’ and ‘right’ speaker system. The result is that the ‘spatial sound’ is more pure, truer; it is essentially how sound deserves to be heard. If the ‘perfect’ sound really does exist, then we’re coming even closer to replicating it.”

Orbitsound's unique, patented 'spatial sound technology' means that TV, movies and music sound superb wherever you are. Home theatre and movie fans get a stunning, realistic stereo sound to rival the most expensive home cinema systems.

Unlike ordinary stereo systems, you don’t have to position it – or you – in a particular place to get the best results.

The latest T12v3 features additional digital inputs to take audio directly from the latest digital TVs, with an improved sub feeder cable which improves performance and makes the system amazingly easy to install.

The T12v3 remote control has been redesigned to control all iPod or iPhone playback and menu functions, in addition to allowing the user full control over volume, audio source and tone.

The T12v3 features a 3.5mm stereo jack, inputs for the latest digital TVs, CD, MP3/MP4, laptops, desktop computers and games consoles. TV streaming is possible through the T12v3's iPod and iPhone dock, allowing the user to instantly watch or listen to any library song, TV show or movie.


Rotary digital volume control (on rear of soundbar), sequential input selection by pressing volume control. All functions available on remote control plus full control of iPod/iPhone.

Frequency range

+/- 3dB [Hz] 40 – 16K

Maximum SPL [dB]


Amp. Power (Watts at 0.1% dist.)

90 + 45 + 45 Watts

Crossover frequencies [Hz]


Loudspeaker Drivers

Soundbar (main) - 2 x 1” m/c, 4 x 2.5”, Soundbar (spatial array) - 2 x 2” full-range Subwoofer - Tuned reflex with 1 x 6.5” woofer

Connection input(s)

Stereo line level -10dBu on 2xRCA Phono, Stereo line level -10dBu on 3.5mm jack, Digital stereo optical (toslink), iPod / iPhone dock

Connection outputs

2 x RCA composite video

Dimensions (H x W x D) [mm]

Soundbar - 100 x 605 x 110 mm
Subwoofer - 460 x 230 x 230 mm

Power consumption

Standby, 2.3 watts, Idle, 5.6 watts

Weight [kg/lb]


Package contents

Soundbar, Subwoofer, inline AC power supply, 1 metre fibre-optic connecting cable, phono (RCA) and 3.5mm connection cables, subwoofer connection cable, iPod adaptors, remote control, handbook.

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