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QED Signature Revelation Pre-Terminated Speaker Cable (pair)

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QED Signature Revelation Speaker Cable (pair) - Pre-Terminated With 4mm Banana Plugs

The QED Signature Revelation speaker cable utilizes the technologies of both Genesis and X-Tube cables and combines them in a new miniature format to bring high end cable philosophies to the mid range Hi-Fi market.

This cable offers exceptional performance through the use of X-Tube and Genesis Silver Spiral geometries which reduce the overall impedance of the cable below that which would be expected of a traditional speaker cable of the same cross-sectional area. Also, Aircore Technology reduces the self-inductance of the cable to around half that expected of parallel conductors.

At low frequencies both X-Tube and conventional stranded/solid core speaker cables convey signals in a linear way. However, at high frequencies, X-Tube retains a near-linear signal transfer, whereas the conventional cable fails to conduct uniformly across the entire conductor area. The result is that X-Tube delivers greater fidelity across the audio spectrum which would other wise be lost in ordinary cables. To complement this, a high performance low density polyethylene dielectric cuts down on the amount of audio signal energy lost due to cable capacitance.

The Revelation also uses high quality dielectric materials to keep the dissipation factor extremely low - something that is imperative to make a good sounding speaker cable.

Airloc plugs for the best quality termination

QED’s Airloc cold weld system ensures a high contact, long-lasting join between the plugs and cable. This not only gives the best sound possible but also excellent durability, with no chance of a dry solder break or lose connection screw. The Forte plugs use a spring loaded connection pin for a tight connection with all 4mm speaker terminals.

Ideal for use in all installations



Wire gauge - 16 AWG

X-Tube™ technology

Jacket OD - 5.00 mm

Cross-sectional area - 1.50 mm²

Loop resistance - 0.020 Ω/m

Capacitance - 35 pF/m

Inductance - 0.52 µH/m

Dissipation factor - 0.0009


Price includes termination with Airloc banana plugs