REL HT1003 Active Subwoofer

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REL Acoustics HT1003 – Performance Home Theatre

REL’s home theatre-focused Serie HT line is designed specifically to answer the challenge of affordably priced, highly dynamic pure home theatre powered subwoofers in a handsome, compact package. The HT/1003 combines a lightweight, modern 10” CarbonGlas™ (250 mm) driver, coupled to a powerful 300W Class D amplifier that runs cool, producing startling dynamics. Internally, REL designed specially adapted home theatre input filters that produce extremely flat bass down in the 20’s.

Purpose Built

The HT/1003 is designed to deliver the best bang (quite literally) for your buck when building a home theatre system, featuring compact cabinet dimensions and finished in an attractive, yet purposeful, line grained black aluminium-look and topped by a 12mm thick beautifully polished top that serves to damp vibrations on the critical top surface of the cabinet.

300w Digital Amplifier

To accomplish their goal of exceedingly high output in a such a compact footprint required a special amplifier. REL’s NextGen5 Class D amplifier frees up interior space whilst running cool, this results in more cabinet volume and that translates into ultra-deep bass despite its modest footprint. 300 watts means the driver is never starving for power ensuring high output, delivered effortlessly in a long running, reliable design. Within HT/1003’s input filter, REL designed specific inverse filtering to permit the CarbonGlas driver to extend much deeper than conventional designs.

Optional Wireless Connectivity

By adding the optional HT-Air module you can connect the HT/1003 wirelessly.  Unlike other wireless subs, the HT-Air uses unique zero compression technology. Using a state-of-the-art chipset, the HT-Air wireless transmitter offers flawless signal quality with zero compression, delivering a latency (lag) figure of just 16-20 milliseconds, it’s hugely superior to the more common Bluetooth method of wireless connection. Put simply, the bass keeps up and stays in time with the action.

REL HT1003 Active Subwoofer


Closed box, front-firing driver

Driver Details

10 in., 250mm long-throw, CarbonGlas™ cone structure, inverted carbon fibre dust cap, steel chassis

Low Frequency Extension

-6dB at 24 Hz

Input Connectors

Dual purpose Low Level stereo RCA or LFE RCA

Oiutput Connectors

Daisy Chain Low Level stereo RCA or LFE RCA

Power Output

300 watts (RMS)

Amplifier Type

NextGen5 Class D

Wireless Capability

HT Air Wireless (Optional), Zero Compression Single Large Scale Integrated Chip

Protection System



Mains input - 220-240 volts

8 Amp semi delay fuse


W x H x D - 318 x 347 x 351 mm


15.1 kg


Line Grained Black Composite

Supplied Accessories

Mains Lead

User Manual

Although the HT/1003 is a departure from purist REL philosophy, the result is an outstanding-value home cinema subwoofer. For AVR owners after a compact, affordable bass box that delivers movie mayhem in spades, look no further
the HT/1003 isn't just powerful, it is also controlled, fast and responsive, making it an ideal sub for watching movies. If you're looking for a sub-sonic upgrade to your system, then this is the subwoofer for you.
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