Rotel A14 Integrated Stereo Amplifier

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Rotel A14 Stereo Integrated Amplifier

The flagship Rotel A14 has the highest power and widest set of features in the range. The A14 is rated at 80 watts per channel RMS into 8 ohms, both channels driven. Yet ratings alone do not reflect real world usage. The A14 features a rugged power supply comprising a Rotel-manufactured toroidal transformer plus slit-foil capacitors to effortlessly handle difficult speaker loads and dynamic signal peaks.

This is an impressively flexible audio component, designed to accommodate both classic analogue and the latest digital source components supported by the on-board AKM 32-bit/768kHz DAC. But its greatest strength lies in its ability to render a musical performance exactly as the artist intended.

· 2 x 80 Watts of robust Class AB power

· iOS control App

· Moving magnet phono input for turntable connection

· Integrated Bluetooth aptX

· AKM premium 32-bit/768kHz Digital to Analog Converter

Rotel RA-1570 Integrated Stereo Amplifier



Continuous Power Output

120Watts/ch (20-20kHz, < 0.03%, 8 Ω)

Total Harmonic Distortion (20Hz-20kHz)

< 0.03% at rated power

Intermodulation Distortion (60Hz:7kHz, 4:1)

< 0.03% at rated power

Frequency Response

Digital Inputs: 10Hz - 95kHz ±3dB

Phono input 20Hz-15kHz, ±0.3dB

Line Level Inputs 10Hz-100kHz, ±1dB

Input Sensitivity / Impedance

Phono input 2.25mV / 47 k Ω

Line Level Inputs (RCA) 150mV / 24 k Ω

Line Level Inputs (XLR) 285mV / 24 k Ω

Input Overload

Phono input 30mV
Line Level Inputs 4V

Preamp Output / Impedance

1.2V / 470 Ω

Tone Controls - Bass / Treble

±12 dB at 100Hz / 10kHz

Signal to Noise Ratio (IHF “A” weighted)

Phono input 80dB
Line Level Inputs 100dB

Input Sensitivity/Impedance

0 dBfs/75 Ohms


1.2V/470V (at -20dB)

Decodable Front USB Formats

Ogg Vorbis, WAV, MP3, WMA (up to 48K 16bit)



Power Requirements (AC)

230V, 50Hz (Europe)

Power Consumption


Standby Power Consumption 0.5W


Dimensions (W x H x D)

431 x 144 x 358mm

Panel Height


Weight (Net)

13 kg


Black, Silver

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