Sonos PLAYBAR 3.1 Bundle

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Sonos PLAYBAR with SUB

Flood any room with epic, full-theatre HiFi sound and wirelessly stream all the music on earth through one easy-to-use player.

SONOS PLAYBAR’s nine-speaker design floods any room  with super-realistic audio for games and movies,  huge waves of live concert sound, and wireless streams of all the music on earth. And it all comes from one easy-to-use player that brings HiFi sound to your high-definition TV.

Ultra simple one-wire connection makes setting up your PLAYBAR a breeze and with flexible, multiple position and orientation options the SONOS PLAYBAR will fit into any room perfectly.

SONOS PLAYBAR also offers easy upgrade paths - add the SONOS SUB for incredible scale and punch and for full surround sound just add a pair of SONOS PLAY:3 speakers.

Last but not least the PLAYBAR offers the same amazing features that are built as standard into all SONOS zoneplayers so that you can stream and listen to all the music on earth.


Adding the SUB will take your Sonos Playbar to the next level with seismic, deep bass reproduction that adds more depth to music and movies. The SONOS SUB will fill an entire room with thick layers of bottomless sound that let you hear and feel every chord, kick, splash and roll.

  • All sound, zero vibration. Two force-cancelling speakers positioned face-to-face means all the sound and energy from the music comes through loud and clear, and none of it is lost in cabinet buzz or rattle.
  • One-button setup. No wiring. No programming. Press one button, follow the simple prompts on your Controller and the system automatically adjusts audio settings to perfectly balance your SUB and the paired Sonos component for a flawlessly optimized, whole-room listening experience.
  • Wherever you want it. Because it’s wireless and designed to perform perfectly, whether positioned horizontally or vertically, you can put the SUB anywhere you want in the room—even lying flat under a couch.

See the amazing SONOS PLAYBAR and SUB in action for yourself at Weybridge Audio.

If you're looking for a simple device that will massively improve the sound from your TV and give you immediate access to more music than you could ever possibly hope to listen to, only the Sonos Playbar will do
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