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Slinky HDMI
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AudioQuest Slink HDMI

AudioQuest's new Slinky HDMI cables borrow their name from a fascinating toy, which (at least to a child) seems capable of the impossible. AQ's Slinky doesn't perform any magic, but it does offer top-performance 4K Ultra HD and 3D 1080p video along with the kind of low-distortion superior audio that AudioQuest is known for, in a super-slim and extra-flexible cable.

Inside the practical and easy-to-use Slinky cables are the same superior materials and techniques used in AudioQuest's full-size HDMI cables, such as Solid Long-Grain Copper (LGC) conductors, which eliminate strand-interaction, the single biggest source of distortion in all cables. LGC’s reduced impurities and fewer grain boundaries result in sound that’s clearer, more intelligible and simply more fun to listen to whether watching your favorite concert videos or movies and TV shows.
In addition, because all audio cables are directional, all Slinky cables are controlled for correct directionality. In its HDMI Standard (to Standard) configuration, Slinky’s plugs are labeled with arrows pointing from source to destination for the purest possible sound.

The HDMI versions of Slinky are rated "High Speed with Ethernet," and are tested to far exceed HDMI’s current 10.2 Gbps maximum data rate. Slinky is more than capable of passing 4K Ultra HD, 1080p and 1080p 3D video, and transmits 100% of the data required for today’s 120Hz/240Hz and 600Hz HD displays.

HDMI Slinky is available in 2m lengths only