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AudioQuest SureGrip 300 Banana Plug 4 Pack

SureGrip 300
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AudioQuest SureGrip 300 – BFA/Banana Silver Plated Plugs - Pack of 4 

These AudioQuest plugs can be used to terminate your speaker cable with ease and do not require the use of any special tools. Suitable for all quality speaker cables.

SureGrip 300 connectors use Direct-Gold Plating over high-quality Beryllium Copper base metal. SureGrip 300s use no underlying brass layers that would inevitably cause distortion and otherwise damage the sound. SureGrip 300s employ AudioQuest’s effective Cold-Weld attachment system and feature an attractive non-metallic POM casing.

Specification :

One pack of 4 plugs is required for each speaker cable length if you wish to have plugs at both the amplifier and the speaker ends.

Direct contact between wire and Beryllium Copper Banana, no intermediary inferior brass

Direct-Silver Plating, no distortion causing nickel underneath

Fitting instructions for Chord Co screw type speaker plugs:

1. Most Chord Co speaker cables have an outer jacket that surrounds the insulated conductors. If you are fitting these plugs to a Chord speaker cable remove approximately 150 mm (6 inches) of the outer jacket from the end of the cable.

2. Unscrew out jacket then strip the end of each cable conductor so that approximately 6 mm (1/4 inch) of bare wire is exposed

3. Push the banana plug onto the end of each conductor and tighten both screws securely onto conductor

5. Refit the out jacket (ensure the right colour is fitted to each plug, red for positive +, black for negative -)

Fitting instructions for bi-wire cables 2 to 4 configuration:

Proceed through step 1 and step 2. At the amplifier, twist the positive conductors together and the two negative conductors together. Proceed with step 3.