Grandview Dynamique ALR Short Throw Projection Screen

Dynamique ALR
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Grandview Dynamique Series ALR Fixed Frame Screen

The Grandview Dynamique Series projection screen has a unique spiral design that directs the light path from the short-throw projector to the audience, while rejecting ambient light from all other angles. The frame has a slim black 12mm bezel, while a larger frame selection sits behind the material to add strength. Multiple springs keep the material under tension, resulting in a perfectly flat projection surface.

The Dynamique Series ALR screen is the perfect partner for Optoma’s stunning UHZ65-UST projector enabling you to watch your favourite movies, TV shows and sports events even with ambient light in the room.

*The DY3 fabric can only be used with ultra-short throw projectors


• Sizes available: 100”/ 120” 16:9

• Installation Options: Wall Mount

• 12mm bezel

• Multi-Point Tension Design

• Aluminium Frame

• Easy Installation

• Lightweight design

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