Grandview Edge Series Fixed Frame Screen


Grandview Edge Series Fixed Frame Screen

Ultra-Narrow Frame

The Edge Series has a frame just 29mm wide, helping make the screen look like a giant LED TV

Low-Profile Wall Mounting

The distance between screen and wall is just 6.5mm giving the screen a very slim profile.

Velvet Trim

The surface frame is made of aluminium wrapped with velvet

Frame Design

The super rigid narrow frame is only 29mm wide and constructed of extruded aluminium with a black velvet finish that absorbs any stray light from an overlapping picture. The material is mounted to a 2nd larger frame located behind it which also features a central support bar resulting in a super rigid structure. The frame secured to the wall via two long aluminium brackets, the lower bracket allows the installer to lock the screen into place.

Fabric Tension System

Taking advantage of the fabric tension system from Prestige series, the screen is held taut once installed for a perfectly flat viewing surface.

Convenient Installation

With the range belt mounted on the installation bracket, you don't need to measure the distance. Just fix the bracket to the wall according to the range belt, hang the screen, and turn the circular lock - it can be installed by one person

Advanced Screen Material

The most important aspect of any screen is the ability to bounce the correct amount of light back at the audience without altering colour reproduction and contrast ratios. The new Grandview Edge UHD130 Series fixed screens use an ultra-smooth material that keeps picture reproduction as accurate as possible. The material has a low gain rating of 1.3, keeping contrast levels high and offering a wide even viewing angle.

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