IR4 Remote Control Extender


IR4 Remote Extender Kit 

The IR4 extends infrared signals conveniently to your audio/video equipment housed within an enclosed environment or located away from the viewing area. It will capture infrared signals with the extra small and discrete IR receiver which is placed in line-of-sight of the remote control. With this complete set you can connect 4 devices. The IR receiver has a cable length of 3 metres however can easily be extended up to 100m using CAT-cable (CAT-cable not included).


The small and discrete IR receiver  is placed in line-of-sight.

Control up to 4 A/V Components behind closed doors with your own remote control.

The IR leds are placed precisely on a single audio/video device.

The IR blaster leds emit a wide infrared signal to control multiple devices at the same time.

Works with almost every brand and model remote control (except for Bang & Olufsen).

IR Receiver eye can be extended up to 100m using CAT cable and a 3-terminal block (not included).

Kit includes:

1x IR4 repeater control box
2x Dual output emitters with 2m. cord
1x IR Receiver with 2m. cord
1x Power supply
1x Manual