Mountson Era 100 Floor Stand (pair)

Era 100 Stands Black
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Mountson Era 100 Floorstands (Pair)

This sleek floor stand perfectly complements the Sonos Era 100 speaker, placing it at the ideal listening height whether used as surround sound speakers in home cinema set-up or as a stereo speaker.

‍The stand is precision engineered to ensure that the Sonos Era 100 speaker sits securely ensuring no nasty vibrations that could affect sound quality. The floor stand comes with adjustable rubber feet for sturdy and balanced placement.‍

The Era 100 floor stand is made from high grade steel and features an integrated cable management channel to ensure a neat and discreet installation.

Available in both black and white to match the colour of Sonos Era 100 speakers.

Key Features:

Made of precision engineered high grade steel

Adjustable rubber feet for sturdy and balanced mounting

Speaker positioned at perfect listening height

Integrated cable management

Quick, easy installation

Available in black and white matching the colour of Sonos Era 100 speakers