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PictureFrame TV 75" 4K Mirror TV

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PictureFrame TV 75" 4K UHD Mirror TV

A Mirror TV is the perfect solution for those that enjoy watching television but don’t want the TV to be the focus of the room. PictureFrame.TV have developed a range of ‘off-the-shelf’ and bespoke solutions to help disguise the TV as a stylish mirror. With a huge choice of different frames you can match the style and finish to your decor perfectly.

The 75” Mirror TV includes the latest Samsung Q70R seriesd 4K UHD screen with Smart TV features so that you can access popular online services like BBC iPlayer and Netflix and has a wide range of connections so that you can connect other sources like cable/satellite boxes, Blu-ray/DVD players and games consoles.

The PictureFrame TV Mirror TV behaves much like a two way mirror, functioning as a regular TV when on, but disguised as a mirror when turned off - with PictureFrame.TV the television has now become a functional masterpiece.

With a full range of sizes and frame designs, the possibilities are as endless as your imagination. Whether it’s a grand ornate or a sleek modern look, the choice is yours.