Arcam A5 Stereo Integrated Amplifier


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Arcam A5 Integrated Stereo Amplifier

The A5 stereo integrated amplifier offers outstanding value, providing best in class sound quality, versatile connectivity and sleek, premium styling.

Arcam have been building top quality amplifiers for more than 45 years and it’s clear to see (and hear) that this expertise has been put to great use with the new A5. Arcam’s engineers have spent countless hours analysing and reviewing new components and materials to ensure the best possible performance.

Hi-Res Streaming

The Arcam A5 is more than just a stereo amplifier, it also features Bluetooth with Qualcomm AptX Adaptive technology – capable of providing up to 24-bit HD audio when streaming music from your phone or tablet, just add a suitable pair of speakers and you have a ready made Hi-Fi system. You can also connect to Bluetooth headphones for those more private listening sessions.

Generous Power

With a rated output of 2 x 50w RMS the Arcam A5 has sufficient power to drive the vast majority of speakers in a typical living room environment. With ultra-low levels of distortion, the A5 will play happily at high volume levels without sounding harsh or strained.

Vinyl Lover 

Re-energise your cherished vinyl collection with the A5, the high-quality built-in phono stage has been carefully designed to extract the absolute most from your record collection and is suitable for turntables with an MM (moving magnet) cartridge.

Versatile connectivity

The A5 makes connecting your external sources simple, a premium built-in DAC (Digital to Analogue Convertor), enables effortless connection to digital audio sources. Boasting two coaxial and one optical input you can easily connect your TV, games console, music streamer etc. The audiophile ESS DAC ensures the best possible sound quality for any digital source. For connecting more traditional analogue sources like an FM tuner, there are three RCA phono inputs available.

Optional matching source components

Arcam offer the CD5 CD player and ST5 streamer should you wish to expand your system further. Both a perfect match aesthetically and sonically.

Arcam A5 Overview

ARCAM Class AB amplification - provides brilliant musicality

50W per channel (8Ω) - powers loudspeakers with ease

Bluetooth with aptX™Adaptive Technology - for the best sound with the most convenience

Specially selected components and materials - to deliver on sound quality

Wired or Wireless Headphones - connect your headphones for quiet listening with, or without wires

All new Radia design - Purposeful yet playful

MM phono stage - ready for Turntables

Hi-Res Digital Audio Inputs

Plastic Free Packaging - for easy disposal of natural materials

5 Year Arcam guarantee

Arcam A5 Specifications

Continuous power output (0.5% THD)


2 channels driven, 8Ω, 20Hz—20kHz


2 channels driven, 1kHz, 4Ω 


Harmonic distortion, 80% power, 8Ω at 1kHz


Analogue Inputs


Phono (MM) cartridge


Input impedance

47kΩ + 100pF

Frequency response (ref. RIAA curve)

20Hz – 20kHz ± 1dB

Line Inputs


Number of inputs


Signal/Noise ratio (A-wtd) 50W, ref. 1V input


Frequency response

20Hz – 20kHz ± 0.2dB

Digital Inputs



ESS ES9018

Frequency response

20Hz - 20kHz ± 0.2dB

Total harmonics distortion + Noise


Signal/Noise ratio (A-wtd, ref. 50W, 0dBFS)


Supported Sample Rates (Optical)

44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz, 176.4kHz, 192kHz

Supported Sample Rates (Coaxial)

44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz, 176.4kHz, 192kHz

Bit depth

16-bit – 24-bit

Headphone output


Maximum output level (RMS) into 32Ω/300Ω


Output impedance

Load range

16Ω – 2kΩ



Mains voltage

110–120V or 220–240V, 50–60Hz

Maximum power consumption


Power consumption (standby)


Dimensions W x H x D (including feet and speaker terminals)

431 x 83 x 344mm

Weight (net)


Weight (gross)


Supplied accessories

Mains leads, Remote control, 2 x AAA batteries, quick-start guide


This is a superbly rounded performer that simply gets on with the job of playing music without intruding on the experience. Partner it with suitably capable sources and speakers, and it will invariably deliver musical and enjoyable results. It has been many years since we’ve heard such a convincing stereo amplifier from Arcam. If you are thinking of buying at this level, this one has to go at the top of your shortlist. It really is that good. Welcome back Arcam.
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