Ceiling Speakers - Basic Information

With such a huge range of different speakers to choose from it can be quite daunting trying to choose the right speaker, the following information will hopefully make it a little easier.


  • Single Stereo Speakers
  • These are ideal for smaller rooms (such as a bathroom, cloakroom or study) you get full stereo sound from just one speaker enclosure rather than the usual two. (remember to run 2 speaker wires still when pre-wiring). click here to see our range of single stereo ceiling speakers.


  • Speaker Size
  • Ceiling speaker sizes range from just over 3" in diameter to 8" - the size you need depends on room size and the volume of sound that you want to create. Smaller sizes (3-5") are perfect for smaller spaces like a bedroom or study, for larger rooms 6-8" speakers are generally more appropriate. In very large spaces it may be beneficial to have 4 speakers to give a more even spread of sound.


  • Moisture Resistance
  • Many ceiling speakers are moisture proof which makes them ideal for use in bathrooms, wet rooms and indoor pools as well as normal indoor environments. Click here to see all moisture resistant ceiling speakers.


  • Ceiling Speakers For Home Cinema
  • Ceiling speakers can be used to create a very discrete home cinema set up, models with adjustable drive unts that can be angled towards your seating position work best.