Quadraspire Q4 Evo Hi-Fi Rack


Q4 Evo

Quadraspire Q4 Evo Four Shelf Hi-Fi Rack

Quadraspire's commitment to superior audio quality begins with the carefully machined shelves. The design draws inspiration from musical instrument design principles, deliberately avoiding parallel lines which helps to reduce resonance, resulting in a lower noise floor and a more expansive soundstage.

This precision craftsmanship not only enhances sound quality but also optimises overall system performance. Every shelf on the rack boasts chamfered edges, meticulously designed to disperse energy and further enhance sound quality. These thoughtful details guarantee cleaner and more accurate sound, allowing listeners to enjoy their HiFi systems to the fullest.

Premium Build Quality

Quadraspire opts for solid aluminium columns and feet instead of more common steel tubes to ensure superior stability. Steel can introduce resonance and distort sound, but aluminium’s significantly reduced resonance makes it the ideal choice, providing a sturdy and distortion-free foundation.

After extensive testing Quadraspire chose solid bamboo ply for the rack's shelves, a material known for its exceptional vibration-suppressing properties. Bamboo not only enhances audio quality but also upholds a carbon-neutral footprint.

Fully Customisable

Quadraspire Q4 Evo racks are also customisable, you can add or reduce the number of shelves and choose from six column heights in either black or silver finish. You can also mix and match column heights choosing from 326, 256, 216, 180, 140 & 100mm as required and also choose between spikes or flat feet for the base shelf.

The configuration shown here is our most popular choice and includes spiked feet with column heights of 180, 140 and 100mm, if you would like to customise your Q4 Evo rack with different column heights or feet please contact us or use the Quadraspire configuration tool