Quadraspire SVT Hi-Fi Rack



Quadraspire SVT Four Shelf Performance Hi-Fi Rack

What you place your HiFi on will affect its performance. Placing your HiFi on a Quadraspire performance HiFi rack will help reduce resonance, lower the noise floor and open the soundstage to make your HiFi sound even better.


Each shelf on the Quadraspire SVT Hi-Fi rack is isolated from the others by solid aluminium columns with a tapered design to break up resonances across a wide range of frequencies. The spiked base feet will provide the best resonant decoupling from the floor.

Solid Bamboo Ply Shelves

The shelves of the Quadraspire SVT rack are constructed from solid bamboo ply. This carbon neutral material was chosen for its strength and ability to suppress vibration. The furniture grade finish is available in four different finishes including black, dark, cherry, and natural.

Solid Aluminium Columns

The columns and feet used in Quadraspire racks are made from solid aluminium not tubular, this helps to dissipate energy quickly.

No Parallel Lines

Quadraspire try to avoid parallel lines when designing their furniture, in the same way as most musical instruments, this helps to reduce unwanted resonance.

Fully Customisable

Quadraspire SVT Hi-Fi racks are also customisable, you can add or reduce the number of shelves and choose from six column heights in either black or silver finish. You can also mix and match column heights choosing from 326, 256, 216, 180, 140 & 100mm as required and also choose between spikes or flat feet for the base shelf.

The SVT configuration shown here is the most popular choice and includes spiked feet with column heights of 180, 140 and 100mm, if you would like to customise your SVT rack with different column heights or feet please contact us or use the Quadraspire configuration tool