Rotel RB-1552 MKII Stereo Power Amplifier

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Rotel RB-1552 MKII Stereo Power Amplifier

This classic stereo power amplifier, designed to deliver stunning high-resolution audio performance, is the perfect partner to music streaming devices like the Sonos Connect - when matched with a suitable pair of speakers you have true audiophile sound quality with the convenience and flexibility that Sonos provide.  

The RB-1552 MKII offers unparalleled value for money thaks to Rotel’s famous Balanced Design Concept which combines carefully chosen components, optimised signal paths, and critical evaluation to assess and fine tune performance throughout the design process. The result in the RB-1552 MKII is true audiophile performance at a surprisingly reasonable price.

The RB-1552 MKII is a 120 watt per channel class A/B amplifier engineered to be powerful and robust, yet able to extract every last nuance out of even the most complex musical score. It features an over-sized power supply featuring a highly efficient, low magnetic field toroidal transformer, multiple high-current bipolar output transistors and independent left and right power rectification stages and decoupling – effectively delivering a mono block design.

To top off the premium component choices are “slit-foil” capacitors, which charge and discharge quickly and smoothly, ensuring the amp can respond rapidly to the most complex or fast-paced changes in signal from a kick-drum rhythm or an entire orchestra in full flow, for example. And flexible input options include balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA connectors.

For a powerful, robust and detailed performance the Rotel RB-1552 MKII is the ideal classic stereo amp for most occasions.

Rotel RB-1552 MKII Stereo Power Amplifier

Power Configurations

2 x 120 watts
(20Hz-20kHz, <0.03%, 8 Ohms)


120 watts, all channels driven,
8 ohm load, 20-20kHz

THD (20-20,000Hz) 8 Ohms,
all channels driven

< 0.03%

IM Distortion

< 0.03%

Damping Factor (8 Ohms)


Input Impedance / Sensitivity

12k Ohms/1.5 volt
50k Ohms/2.5 volt

Frequency Response (+/-1dB)

4 - 100kHz (+0.5dB, -3dB)

S/N Ratio (IHF A)


Power Consumption

400 watts

Dimensions (W x H x D) mm

431 x 144 x 340 mm

Front Panel Height

3 U (5.25”)


12.5 kg

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