Vogels Elite TVM 5445 Slim Full Motion TV Wall Mount

TVM 5445

Vogels Elite TVM 5445 Slim Full Motion TV Wall Mount - Suitable For Screens From 43" up to 65"

With the elegant Vogels TVM 5445 Full-Motion+ TV wall mount, you're choosing design and performance. The wall mount is specially designed for TVs from 32 to 65 inches in size and weighing up to 35 kg, and can be turned up to 180°, allowing you to optimally enjoy your TV from any corner in the room. In the starting position, there is only 4 cm between the TV and the wall. Available in White and Platinum Grey colours.

Ultra-slim design, ultimate enjoyment

The TVM 5445 Full-Motion+ TV wall mount is the slimmest TV wall mount in our range, yet still offers an enormous weight-bearing capacity. As such, the TVM 5445 Full-Motion+ is the ideal TV wall mount for large high-end TVs, such as OLED and QLED TVs.

Enjoy your TV from any angle

With the TVM 5445 Full-Motion+ TV wall mount, you can enjoy your TV from any angle. The wall mount has extra-long support arms of 56 cm. Depending on the display size, you can turn your TV up to 90° to the left and right. And thanks to OneFinger™ Movement, you can effortlessly turn your display to the desired viewing angle with just one finger. A tilt function has been omitted because it is best not to tilt large, fragile displays.

Perfection in every respect

TVM 5445 Full-Motion+ TV wall mounts feature 2D Leveling™, which allows you to mount your TV perfectly straight, both horizontally and vertically, even after installation. And perfection also applies to the finishing touches of the wall mounts. For example, the unique Cable Inlay System (CIS®) guides the cables through the support arms, with special holders to neatly conceal the cables at the back. All technical details of the TV wall mount are nicely hidden behind stylish cover plates.

Safety first

Every ELITE Full-Motion+ TV wall mount meets the strictest safety requirements, is TUV-certified and is tested to three times its maximum weight capacity. To minimise the chance of damaging your thin, fragile display, you cannot tilt the TVM 5445 Full-Motion+ TV wall mount.

Installation made easy

The TVM 5445 Full-Motion+ TV wall mount is easy to install, thanks to the included Quick Install Guide with explanation. Need more help? A detailed manual is available online, plus an installation video. A spirit level, drilling template, screws and fischer® DuoPower plugs are included. Plus, the free Vogel's DrillRight™ AR app makes it easy to mark out the first drill hole. Soft patches on the wall mount protect the back of your TV during mounting.

The TVM 5445 Full-Motion+ TV wall mount comes with a 15-year guarantee.



Vogels TVM 5445 Swivel TV Wall Mount

Min. screen size (inch)


Max. screen size (inch)


Max. screen weight (kg)


Hole pattern (mm)

Min. 100x100 / Max. 400x400


up to 180°

Number of pivot points


Min. distance to the wall (mm)

40 mm

Max. distance to the wall (mm)

562 mm

Main Color



15 years

CIS® (Cable Inlay System)


Also available in the colour: