KEF R5 Meta 3-Way Floorstanding Speakers


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R5 Meta

KEF R5 Meta - Three-way Compact Floorstanding Speakers

Decades of experience and KEFs unbridled passion for music come together in the R Series. Combining innovations from the Reference Series with bespoke technologies the new R Series delivers more detail, deeper insight and greater excitement. KEF engineers do not believe in compromise, the R5 Meta floorstander is compact and elegant yet it delivers an outstanding performance for both music and movies with ease.

Upgraded Uni-Q® driver array for improved clarity and accuracy

KEF's patented Uni-Q driver technology places the R5 Meta's 1" vented aluminium dome tweeter in the acoustic centre of the 5" aluminium midrange driver. This arrangement allows the sound from the two drivers to reach our ears at the same time, resulting in more natural sound. Uni-Q technology is now in its 12th generation, and the engineers at KEF have designed this version to reduce distortion caused by several factors, as well as optimising it to take full advantage of the MAT absorber. 

Revolutionary MAT technology improves performance

This speaker gets the "Meta" part of its name from KEF's innovative Metamaterial Absorption Technology (MAT) — a highly complex, mazelike structure that absorbs unwanted sound waves coming from the rear of the tweeter. The resulting sound is clearer, purer, and more detailed.

Shadow Flare

Derived directly from the Reference Series, the Shadow Flare is an innovative method of reducing harmful cabinet diffraction and one that allows the wonderful Uni-Q driver to work at its highest level. Shadow Flare is more than just a trim ring. It is a precision designed surface that extends the waveguide effect of Uni-Q. The tweeter no longer has line of sight of the cabinet edges, creating a ‘shadow region’ at the points where the potential for diffraction is highest, minimising the acoustic impact to negligible levels. The result is improved clarity, particularly when it comes to the subtle nuances of plucked strings and other percussive sounds

Deep, agile bass

To maximise bass performance in the R5 Meta, the dedicated low-frequency drivers are built using a two-part structure, where a shallow concave aluminium skin sits atop a paper cone. This stiffness combined with the cone’s unique geometry reduces additional resonances and delivers the pistonic movement that makes these drivers time so well. The new drivers also benefit from a completely redesigned magnet system that creates a more even magnetic field, and a design of suspension that reduces harmonic distortion for a cleaner, more precise sound. The result is tight, agile bass that digs out all the soul and punch available in the low end

Unique cabinet bracing

All the cabinets in the new R Series benefit from Constrained Layer Damping bracing. Originally developed for the multiple award-winning LS50, this system utilises internal braces joined to the panels by a lossy interface rather than being adhered to it rigidly. This approach is highly effective at dissipating unwanted vibrations. A new internal bracing layout works alongside Constrained Layer Damping to create an incredibly inert platform from which the drive units can work their magic, enabling the R5 Meta's to deliver music as it is supposed to sound, without any unwanted extras.

Flexible port technology

When it comes to generating deep, articulate bass, port design is a vital element. The ports in the R5 Meta are precisely positioned and feature innovative flexible walls to help prevent air turbulence and unwanted resonance from colouring the sound.

Beautiful by design

Great design is timeless. KEF’s designers seek to create deceptively simple, elegant loudspeakers. While the drive unit arrangement is rightfully driven by acoustic, rather than aesthetic considerations, each loudspeaker is visually appealing without resorting to brash styling.

Understated design is complemented by carefully selected finishes. Conceived to be at home in either traditional or modern interiors, the R5 Meta comes in a choice of two exceptionally sleek gloss finishes or a classic wood veneer. These finishes go deeper than just a base colour. Each speaker benefits from KEF’s tone-on-tone approach to design where the tweeter dome, driver cones, feet, spikes and KEF logo are tone matched to the finish.

Microfibre Grilles

The R5 Meta was created to sound its best with or without grilles. The microfibre grille design is a first for KEF and not only looks beautiful but has a negligible effect on performance. They continue the tone-on-tone approach to match the various cabinet finishes and the edges are burnished for a suede-like effect.

KEF R5 Meta Overview

3-way design

12th Gen Uni-Q driver array

1" vented aluminium dome tweeter with MAT absorber

1 x 5" aluminium cone midrange driver

2 x 5.25" hybrid aluminum woofer

Detachable microfiber grilles

Bass-reflex cabinet with Constrained Layer Damping to reduce resonance

Rear-firing port with flexible port technology for clear, articulate

Recommended amplifier power: 15-200 watts

Choice of walnut, black gloss and white gloss finish


KEF R5 Meta Specifications


Three-way bass reflex

Drive Units

  • Uni-Q Driver Array
  • HF: 25 mm (1 in.) vented aluminium dome tweeter
  • MF: 125 mm (5 in.) aluminium cone
  • LF: 2 x 130 mm (5.25in.) hybrid aluminium

Crossover Frequency

400Hz, 2.7 kHz

Frequency Range (-6db)

38Hz-50 kHz

Frequency Response (±3db)

52 Hz - 28 kHz

Maximum Output

110 dB

Amplifier Power (Recommended)

15-200 W

Nominal Impedance

4 Ω (min. 3.2 Ω)

Sensitivity (2.83V/1m)



24.5 kg (each)

Dimension (H X W X D)

With terminals 1025 x 175 x 344 mm

With Plinth and terminals 1072 x 272 x 344 mm


  • Floorstanding

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